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Atlantic city casino history and gambling largest casinos

Atlantic city casino history

Atlantic City is one of the largest casinos in us and the most important gambling zone in the United States after Las Vegas. The city bears the honorary title of the gambling capital of the East Coast. 

Atlantic city casino history

Numerous Atlantic City casinos have become a real magnet for gambling tourists from all over the globe. The lively resort attracts with its excellent entertainment infrastructure, first-class service, and well-maintained clean beaches on the Atlantic coast. The city is incredibly conveniently located – you can get to New York by car in just 3 hours.

As in Las Vegas, most establishments operate on the basis of hotels. Examples include Borgata Casino in Atlantic City, Bally’s Casino, and many others. In total, the city has about 12 gambling houses. More than 35 million people visit the resort every year.

History of casinos in Atlantic City

Atlantic city casino history

The young casino city of Atlantic City is beginning to compete with Las Vegas. The city has long turned into an attractive tourist region. At the end of the 19th century, Atlantic City received up to half a million tourists a year. This was due to the fact that almost immediately after the foundation, a railway was laid to the city. 

Atlantic City casino history began in the 70s of the twentieth century. The first establishment was opened in 1978 at the Chalfont Haddon Hall Hotel. The volume of investments invested by the owners amounted to 11 million dollars. Initially, the choice of games was limited to roulette, slot machines, and several card entertainments, but gradually expanded. 

Now the institution is known as Resorts Casino Atlantic City. Before legalizing gambling in the state, the authorities held a referendum, as a result of which the majority of respondents were in favor of making a decision. After that, casinos in Atlantic City acquired legal status.

Atlantic City Casino at present

According to available data, more than 12 million people visit the gambling establishments of Atlantic City every year. These figures are constantly growing, allowing the city to step on the heels of its main competitor – Las Vegas. 

Gambling houses such as the Taj Mahal casino located in Atlantic City are in no way inferior to the leading establishments of Vegas. Many gaming clubs are currently working on obtaining licenses that allow them to open specialized Internet resources where visitors can play online. 

Officially, virtual casinos for money are prohibited in America, but gambling houses are not forbidden to open sites where some games are presented in demo mode. Many Las Vegas casinos have similar web resources.

Large investments are made in the development of casinos in Atlantic City, which in the vast majority of cases pay off in the shortest possible time. And this is the best time to gamble casino. Corporations specializing in supporting casinos in Las Vegas are seriously concerned that Atlantic City is a serious competitor to the first capital of gambling. 

Now gambling plays a crucial role in the urban labor market. According to the latest data, about 33 thousand people are employed in gambling establishments. You can also read about the world casino history and its creation.

The gambling sphere of Atlantic City is constantly developing and replenished with more and more new casino names. The casino city of the United States deservedly ranks among the most prominent gambling centers in the world.