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Casino history Las Vegas: the interesting thing about gambling in Las Vegas

Casino history Las Vegas

The very name of Las Vegas has long been strongly associated with gambling, Wynn Casino and Resort, Stratosphere Casino, Hard Rock Casino Las-Vegas, Monte Carlo Casino, Harrah’s Casino, The Mirage Hotel & Casino and many other famous gambling complexes. 

Casino history Las Vegas

Hearing this place name, the vast majority of people immediately imagine the alluring spin of roulette, iridescent lights of slot machines, impeccably dressed people at the tables for card games, and, of course, fashionable gambling establishments with luxurious interiors, like Bellagio Casino Las Vegas, Venetian Casino, Sahara Casino and Hotel, Paris Las Vegas Hotel Casino and other popular gambling sites. 

Thanks to the numerous casinos, Las Vegas has long won the status of one of the most attractive tourist sites in the United States, turning Nevada into the most gambling state in the country.

Casino history Las Vegas

History of casinos in Las Vegas

The casino city of Las Vegas is an oasis of entertainment and excitement in the Nevada desert. Is it possible to imagine that there was once a dense desert on the site of picturesque busy boulevards, where literally at every step there are gambling establishments known throughout the world? However, this is a fact. 

Casino history Las Vegas in the 30s

Moreover, less than a hundred years have passed since then. The history of casinos in Las Vegas (Nevada) began in the 30s of the twentieth century when it became clear to the authorities of Nevada that the ban on gambling was not a deterrent for avid players. It was decided to legalize the gambling business.

Casino history Las Vegas

At the same time, in the vicinity of the city, the construction of infrastructure facilities began to make the desert area suitable for a comfortable life.

The first signs of Las Vegas Casino began to appear on Fremont Street, the only one at that time dedicated to the gambling zone. It was this section of the city that subsequently transformed into the legendary Strip Boulevard – the place where most of the gambling houses of the City of Sin are now located.

Casino history Las Vegas

Studying the list of Las Vegas casinos, it is easy to see that most establishments operate on the basis of hotels. El Rancho Vegas was the first hotel infrastructure facility providing services to fans of excitement. Unlike most gambling halls, the gambling house was characterized by a rich selection of games.

History of casinos in Las Vegas in the 40s

In the 40s, notable gambling houses began to open, many of which are successfully operating to this day, entering the top 10 casinos in Las Vegas. An example is Casino Flamingo, which has been operating for over 70 years. 

Casino Las Vegas in the 60s

The most intensive development was achieved in the 60s, and in 1975 the Marina Hotel & Casino complex was opened, which was subsequently bought out by the owner of the Metro film studio Goldwin Mayer and rebuilt as the MGM Grand complex. Now it is the largest in Las Vegas casino history.

Casino development after the 90s

The 1990-2000s were marked for the gambling industry of the city as a period of large-scale transformation. Many institutions were bought out and completely rebuilt, many changed names. This is due to the fact that everything about Las Vegas casinos has interested the owners of large holdings and corporations. As a result, now this segment is mainly represented by the leading operators of the gambling market – MGM, Caesars Entertainment, Wynn Resorts, and others.

Las Vegas casinos today

The nightlife of Las Vegas will immerse you in the world of excitement and entertainment, beckoning with its bright lights of the night. According to current statistics, now the gambling houses of the city annually receive up to 40 million people a year. Impressive, especially when you consider that the population of Vegas is only 600,000. Watching movies showing about the US casino city of Las Vegas, it is easy to make sure that the establishments are almost never empty. 

Casino history Las Vegas

The city has its own restrictions for players

Underage visitors are not allowed in the establishments (21 years old – legal age gambling Las Vegas), a dress code is used, and for the use of obscene words, the guest can be shown the door. 

Descriptions of Las Vegas casinos on Wikipedia and other information sources allow you to get acquainted with the rules that are relevant for each individual institution in more detail. It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to the question of how many casinos there are in Las Vegas, as the list is constantly updated. At the moment, the number of gambling houses is just over 70. You can also read about Atlantic city casino history.