Gambling State

America’s most gambling states

Which country gambles the most? Of course, America is the gambling capital of the world. Choosing a gambling state in the USA is not an easy task. Americans deservedly rank among the most gambling nations. However, the task becomes easier if we take into account the fact that gambling is not allowed everywhere in America.

 Gambling states
  • Washington
  • Oklahoma
  • Florida
  • California
  • Nevada

Which states are considered the most gambling states

Gambling states

According to objective estimates, the title of the most gambling states in America can be assigned to Nevada and New Jersey. It is in these regions where the legendary American casino cities are located. Nevada is home to the world-renowned gambling capital Las Vegas, and New Jersey is home to Atlantic City, the second largest casino city.

These gambling states of America were among the first administrative units to legalize gambling houses. Currently, Nevada and New Jersey are among the most attractive regions for tourists from all over the world. You can also get acquainted with the world history of casinos.


One of the gambling states ofAmerica is Washington. Washington gambling Casinos in Washington DC can be found in locations such as Arlington, Renton, Tacoma, and many more. Incredibly colorful and unusual gambling houses of Native Americans are located on the territory of the state.

Gambling states

For example, 7 Cedars Casino or Angel of the Winds. Most establishments are happy to receive guests at any time of the day or night. The popularity of Indian casinos in Oklahoma, USA.

Best casinos in Oklahoma

Native American casinos make Oklahoma popular with gamblers who are interested in Native American gaming traditions. The most notable establishments include gambling houses belonging to the Cherokee gambling network, Apache casinos, Comanche, and many others.

Gambling states

On the territory of the state, loyal requirements for players. Gambling atmosphere combined with a holiday in Florida.

Casino Florida

In terms of the number of casinos, Florida may well compete with such gambling giants as New Jersey. The natural features of the state allow for the operation of a huge number of floating gambling houses. 

Gambling states

In Florida, there are such cruise establishments as the Big M Casino, and numerous clubs owned by the Carnival and Celebrity Cruises networks. Beach luxury vacation with a world of excitement in the hot state of California, USA.


Casinos in California impress with luxury and scale. It is allowed to play poker in the state, and therefore there are a huge number of establishments specializing in this class of gambling entertainment. There are quite a few Native American clubs in the region, such as Bear River and Black Oak.

Nevada casino city

The state of Nevada is an oasis of the gambling world of America. Nevada is the best place in America for those who cannot imagine their life without excitement. It is here that Las Vegas is located, which needs no introduction. 

 Gambling states

Most of the casinos in Nevada are located on the territory of this city, or rather, on the Strip Boulevard, where the American history of gambling began – for example, the Stratosphere Casino.